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Please support Fallen Brothers Seattle during our Annual Pledge Drive, in partnership with Grocery Outlet and Independence from Hunger

Dear valued friends and supporters,

We are proud to announce the first annual Fallen Brothers Seattle pledge drive, in partnership with Grocery Outlet.

July marks the start of the Grocery Outlet Independence From Hunger Campaign. Fallen Brothers Seattle and Grocery Outlet have worked together for years to deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to food banks and other organizations in need.

Now we are asking you to help us continue to help them. This year we are working with the Crown Hill Grocery Outlet and the Aurora Grocery Outlet. And as we collect many truckloads of food, we need just a small amount of funds to help make it happen.

Please use the PayPal link below to give as much as you can.

So if Fallen Brothers is already doing this great work, why an annual fundraiser?

1. Fallen Brothers has been working tirelessly in the community for years. Sid Andrews, founder of Fallen Brothers, (left in the photo above) works night and day to pick up food donations and deliver them to organizations in need in the Seattle area.

2. Sid and his organization have very low overhead, mainly maintenance, gas and insurance for the truck he drives all over Seattle.

3. We are going to set a very attainable goal of $5000 to cover these costs.

4. We are only going to ask for this support once a year, in the lead up to all the work we do for the Independence from Hunger and other summer programs.

5. All donations are tax deductible. Fallen Brothers Seattle is a certified 501 3C organization.

Thank you for your continued support, sincerely Fallen Brothers Seattle

If America is the home of the brave, why are so many of our brave homeless?

Fallen Brothers Seattle on the News on King 5 "Making a Difference" segment. Click on the image to view the video or click here to view the full article on King 5's website.